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The Boys Club of New York

By Tara on November 23, 2013 | No Comments

"BCNY member working on gratitude journal," November 2013

“BCNY member working on his gratitude journal,” November 2013

Last Tuesday and Wednesday,  I had the pleasure of being the visiting artist and guest of the Boys Club of New York’s Gerry Clubhouse at 321 East 111th Street.  Art Director, Monique Ford and her students welcomed me and The Gratitude House’s workshop with much enthusiasm.  The members embraced the activity of personalizing their own gratitude journals and starting to fill them.  One boy noted that the word “gratitude” sounds like “attitude” and we all agreed that they were related.  I told them that the journals were theirs to keep forever and that they are great reminders of what brings them joy.  This was affirmed by the comment of one member while leaving the art room when he said, “I’m going to keep mine until I am an old man.”


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